Jun 25

Breaking Up the Swim

My swim this afternoon got cut short due to a work emergency.  That emergency being that I had to go into the Apple store and get my new iPhone!  I finally feel like one of the cool kids – only 2 years behind schedule.  My boss was kind enough to start a plan for work so that I can be connected away from my desk giving me even more freedom than before.  It then took the rest of the day to fix our mail server so that the phone would work with it, but this is a triathlon blog, not a tech blog, so let’s get back on track.

I was only halfway through my intervals when I had to leave the pool.  It was kind of frustrating to have to stop, but I took the frustration out on my bike as I biked to the mall.  I actually made it to the mall faster than if I had driven because I can take the back roads that would be slower in a car.  The downside was that is was over 90 degrees out, so despite the 10 minute ride, I was drenched in sweat by the time I got to the mall.  After picking up the phone, I headed back home for what was looking to be a late lunch.

After getting some work done, I headed out on my run workouts.  The first part of the workout was 50 minutes in zone 2 which I did with a lap around the lake.  I took it slow and comfortable – well as comfortable as you can be in the 90 degree heat.  After that I just had to a series of strides which brought back memories of gut busters back in highschool.  For cross country practice, we would usually finish workouts by doing strides up a hill.  It was probably about 100 yard strides up the steady incline.  On top of that, some days would be gut busters with weights where you would have to carry 5 or 10 pound dumbbells up on the strides.  Maybe next time I will do my strides on the hilly part of our street, but today, I was just too tired to even consider it.

After my run, I actually headed back up to the pool to try and finish my workout.  It was even busier than at lunch because the Village Bike Tri Group was up there training.  Because it was so busy, I had to circle swim for the first time.  Of the two other people in my lane, one was very accommodating – the other, not so much.  He ended up leaving after about 5 minutes; not sure if he was really done with his workout or just mad.  Any ways, I ended up swimming the missed distance from my workout at a hard pace rather than doing the intervals.  With extra people in the lane, it was too difficult to do variable speed workout, so I thought it would be better to just get the distance in and not worry about the specifics of the workout.

Tomorrow is going to be another bike ride; nice and easy this time though.  My bike ride yesterday drained me.  I did 10x1min hill intervals.  I made the mistake of going out too hard on the first couple of intervals which really wore me out.  I realized after that, that I should probably not get out of the saddle too much unless I absolutely have to.  It is probably a better workout for my legs to stay seated and work the RPMs to get up the hill nice and steady.  Hopefully I can make it out on my ride early enough to avoid the heat.

Finally, on a sad/frightening note, a story has been floating around on some of the triathlon blogs I follow about a triathlete getting hit by a car and seriously injured during a race in Miami.  Just another warning that both cyclists need to be aware cars around them at all times and vise versa.  To see the whole story, check out the Miami Herald.

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