Jun 22


Just got done with my workout today.  88 degrees – the hottest it has been so far this year.  It was an interval day, so I headed back up to the track at EGR.  I remembered a water bottle this time, but it was little recourse against the heat – what I really needed was a fire hose.  The workout was 12 x 30 seconds w/ 2 minute active recovery, so similar to what I did for my last workout, just 4 extra intervals.  I ended up walking in between a couple of the intervals rather than jogging – hey, the book never defines exactly what “active recovery” is.  I ended up walking more because of an upset stomach rather than actually being tired although I’m sure that just sounds like a convenient excuse.  I still managed to hit my heart rate goal for each of the intervals so that is a plus.

On a happier note, the pool was much less crowded that it has been.  Not sure if people are starting to give up fighting for lanes or just being lazy.   The swim workouts I have been doing have been doing wonders for my swimming.  It is much more effective than simply showing up and doing a mile swim.  So, I guess it pays off to look and feel like a dork as I struggle through the swim drills.

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