Jun 21

End of the Week Report [6/15/2009 – 6/21/2009]

This was a hard week including the most activity I have done since last summer.  Thankfully, it was great weather for most of the workouts.  We got some rain and storms, but it never interfered with my schedule and helped keep it a bit cooler out.  I actually did one extra run workout of 11 miles on Saturday just so that I could run with the running club.  However, that may have been a mistake because it upset the Red Bullet which broke down on the way home and is now in the shop for repairs.

Running Swimming Biking Totals
Number 4 3 3 10
Total Distance 30.70 mi 3.18 mi 74.02 mi 107.90 mi
Time 4:17:15 1:20:00 4:16:23 9:53:38
Average Pace 8:23   3:28  

From the looks of it, next week isn’t going to be any easier.  To top that off, the temps are going to be through the roof with highs of 90.  I guess I will have to try and get my butt in gear a little earlier in the morning to try and beat the heat.

On a cycling note, if you live in Grand Rapids, check out the city’s Bicycling GR.  It has a great map of the primary and secondary bike routes in Grand Rapids.  I used this on my last ride and was hesitant at some of the streets it recommended, but it went much smoother than I expected.  The site also includes a list of the rules cyclists need to follow along with the rights we are “supposed” to have (like not getting stuff thrown at you for riding in the road).

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