Jun 08

Sunburst Recovery

Two days later, my legs are still a bit sore from Sunburst which I guess is to be expected.  However, it didn’t keep me from starting my triathlon training – at least the swim training.  I did my first swim workout from my training schedule and found that while I can swim a good distance in a piece, my fundamentals are still pretty weak.  My first workout consisted of:

  • 300yd warm down
  • 8 x 25yd drill sets (finger tip drill, side kick drill, and catch up)
  • 5 x 100yd intervals with 5 seconds rest
  • 8 x 25yd kick sets (6 w/ kick board, 2 w/o)
  • 300yd warm down

The warm up, warm down, and intervals went fine, however, I really need to spend time on the drills as it felt like I was drowning while I did them.  I feel like I am doing the drills wrong, but maybe it just feels different.  Either way, I put a copy of the Total Immersion: Freestyle Made Easy DVD on hold at the library, so hopefully that helps.

Hopefully my legs will be good enough to get a run in tomorrow so that I can make up for the lack of a run today, but if not, I am only scheduled to do a bike workout.  I think that I should be able to handle the bike without a problem as it is really just the pounding of running that is too much for my legs.

On an unrelated note, here are some more pictures from Sunburst.  Enjoy!


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