Jun 02

Planning to Train

I haven’t quite started my full time triathlon training yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t started thinking about it.  I have been doing bike and swim workouts for the past couple months, but nothing structured yet.  I figured that starting next week, after Sunburst, I will start on a dedicated triathlon training schedule.  In preparation for that, I picked up Matt Fitzgerald’s Essential Week to Week Training Guide from the library which is chalk full of training plans.  There are basically 10 different plans for each tri distance.  The 10 plans (or levels) range from beginner to advanced with different concentrations based on specific goals.  I think that I am going to try and follow a modified level 4 plan.  I am going to have to modify the plan because all of the plans are 20 week programs and I will only have 8.  Yikes! 

Looking at the plan, I may be in fairly good shape to jump in at week 5 or 6 fairly easily.  While my workouts haven’t been exactly what the plan calls for, I am confident that I am at a level were I can bike at least an hour and a half 3 times a week, swim a mile 3 times a week and run more than 45 minutes at least 3 times a week.  So, what I think I will do is take the last 14 weeks of the plan and do every other week of the plan and then give myself 1 week as a taper.

My next goal that I would like to accomplish this week is to find a good way to track the training schedule.  While I have numerous way to track activities I have completed (SportTracks, Run Saturday, etc), I really don’t have a good way to track upcoming workouts.  The easiest (and low-tech) solution would be simply have a printout of the schedule.  However, the downside to this is that the workout as listed in the book is all in code.  For example, one day consists of: SWU3, SDS3, SBI7, SSI8, SKS3, SCD3, RSI8.  The S workouts are all different types of swim workouts and the RSI8 is a running speed intervals of 13 x 30 secs for 52 minutes total.  So, for each day, you have to refer back to the key to see what the workout actually is.  I have started developing a mini database that would allow be to enter each days workouts along with the reference table defining what each workout code means.  This way, I could possibly easily create a print out that has more details for each day rather than abbreviations.  I guess depending on whether or not I have enough time this week will determine whether I go with the high-tech or low-tech solution for my training schedule.

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  1. carol

    email me. i have an excel spreadsheet for you.

  2. Ironman By Thirty (Kevin)

    Huge thanks to Carol for the spreadsheet. It is going to make putting together a training schedule much easier.

  3. Jim Daley

    I’ve been struggling with the decoding as well. Is that spreadsheet shareable? Thanks – Jim

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