May 30

Finally Registered

I have finally registered from some of my planned tri’s for this summer.  I had about 5 or 6 that I was wanting to do, but hadn’t actually taken the plunge and signed up for any.  The big factor in my delay in signing up was figuring out whether or not I should sign up for Half Ironman.  Today, I convinced myself that I can be ready for it by August.  So, I have now signed up for the Grand Haven Tri on July 12th (Olympic Distance) Tri Del Sol on July 18th (Sprint Distance) and then the Steelhead 70.3 on August 1st (Half Ironman).  3 tri’s in 4 weeks sounds crazy, I know, but I am thinking that I will ease back on the Tri Del Sol and treat it as a test run for Steelhead.  It will give me a second chance to practice my transitions and doing all three activities in one day.

The other tri’s I am thinking of doing are the Millennium Tri and the Reeds Lake Tri.  The Millennium Tri is the weekend after Steelhead, so that one will be a last minute signup depending on how I feel afterwards.  It is a really short sprint (500m, 15mi, 5k), so it may be a good excuse to stretch the legs.  Once tri-season wraps up (living somewhere with a year-round warm season sounds really appealing right about now), I’ll focus more on running again with the hope of doing the Grand Rapids Marathon.  I’ve done the half marathon once and loved it; great course, great organization.

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  1. carol

    Hey, nice blog! Good luck this weekend!

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