May 21

Inaugural Grand Haven Bike Ride

I did my first bike ride out to Grand Haven this afternoon.  It is a 35 mile ride from home to Jennie’s work.  I planned it so that I would arrive shortly before she finished with work so that I could throw my bike into the back of her car and hitch a ride home.  It was by far one of the hardest rides I have done so far – I faced a 15-20mph head wind the entire way.  Not only did it feel like two pedals forward, one pedal back, but it also made for a noisy ride.  The wind blowing past my head made it difficult to hear approaching cars (expect for the two donkeys who felt the need to lay on their horn as they passed).

The ride started off at a decent clip, but lots of stops along the way because I got stopped by nearly every stoplight while going through downtown.  However, once I got to more open road, I was headed directly into the wind.  The ride through Allendale was brutal with the winds slowing me down to about 15mph.  The couple of monster hills before GVSU didn’t help at all either.  Despite the slower pace, I was still chugging through my 2 water bottles.  I think 35 miles is about my limit for two water bottles without a refill.  Any further and I would need to have a place to refill them.

When I turned on to US-31, the I was finally out the wind.  It was like night and day.  I immediately started churning out some 20+mph miles, even hitting 24mph for a short period.  I made it to Jennie’s work 10 minutes before she go out which gave me a chance to finish the little bit of water I had left as well as to eat the granola bars I brought. 

On the way home, I drank another 30 ounces or so of water and had some delicious Little Caesar’s pizza to make up for some of the calories I lost.  Probably not the healthiest way to replenish the body, but it sure tasted good.


Distance: 34.79m
Time taken: 02:08:18
Average/Max Speed : 16.27/26.45 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:41/00:02:16
Calories: 2857



(I’m not sure why the time is off by 5 hours, I’ll have to investigate that with Run Saturday).

Update (5/25): Thanks to Stuart over at www.RunSaturday.com for fixing the issue with the time zone.  I realized after I imported all of my activities into Run Saturday that I had the time set incorrectly.  Stuart was able to help me remove all of my activities at once and then get them re-imported with the correct time zone.  I’ll write more about Run Saturday in the future after I use it a bit more.

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