May 10

Race Recovery


The day after the River Bank Run, I am wondering if I should have taken it easier rather than pushing the pace.  While I am still enthused by my great  time, I am still sore.  Hopefully, the soreness subsides quickly, so that I can continue my training for the Sunburst Marathon without losing too much time.  I have been stretching my legs as much as I feel is safe today and the more I use them, the better they feel.  Jennie and I actually walked to Gaslight Village so that we I could stretch my legs, go to the library, and so that I could get a swim in.  After a half mile in the pool, my legs actually felt better than they had all day.  While I swam, Jennie walked around Gaslight with the camera and visited some of the shops that were open.

I may take a second day off of running tomorrow and just do my swim and bike ride to tutoring.  That should give my legs a good workout without the impact of running.

PS: Happy Mother’s Day!!

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