Jan 10

My New Bike

On Monday, I found myself stuck in Grand Haven while our car was getting repaired.  I turned the misfortune into an opportunity by going to Loose Spokes, a small bike shop near Jennie’s work, to see what they had in the way of road bikes.  I ended up spending over 2 hours talking to the owner, Jack, about the differences between various bikes and what to look for in a bike.  I even gave a few bikes a test ride to see what was comfortable.  By the end of the day I was pretty sure which bike I would end up with.  After doing a bit of research online that evening, I ended calling Jack the next day to buy the bike and have it put on hold.

P1080002The bike I ended up with is a Fuji CCR3 – part of Fuji’s Balanced Comfort and Performance line of bikes.  It is all carbon  frame which makes it extremely lightweight.  It is easily half the weight of my current Fuji bike.  Component wise, the bike has a middle range set of components consisting of Shimano Tiagra (front derailleur & shifters) and Shimano 105 (rear derailleur).

My first impression of riding the bike was how comfortable it was.  It is much smaller than my current bike, so I feel less stretched out while riding.  The picture on the right shows both my old and new bike next to each other to give you an idea of the size and shape difference between the two bikes.  Unfortunately it is probably the worst time of year to buy a bike because I am stuck riding it on the trainer until the snow melts – which at this point might not be until July.

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