Jul 05

Destination Runs

The past two weekends have been what I call destination runs; runs where there is a purpose to the run (other than sheer pleasure of running, of course).  Last weekend was a run and in Holland and this weekend was a run in town.

Last weekend, Jennie and I were in Holland to visit with RK- to see the new place and check out the downtown area.  We had brought Jennie’s bike along because we planned on doing a run/bike while we were there.  RK offered to ride along with us and take us to some of the local beaches.  So, we headed off down the road and 6 miles later ended up at a small beach at the end of Riley.  Unfortunately, the wind was pretty strong down by the water and the water was quite chilly so we decided to head South to Tunnel Park and Douglas Park.  Jennie and RK biked ahead and poked around at Tunnel Park and then continued on to Douglas Park.  However, by the time we got to Douglas Park, it was getting late, I was exhausted, and we were still a good 6 to 8 miles away from being back.  So, we ended up just plugging along.  A Walgreens stop was in the cards because both water bottles we brought were being quickly drained.  We finally got back to RK’s after a grand total of 19 miles!  It was getting late, so Jennie and I decided to head home.  We had a lapse in judgement and stopped at McDonald’s for dinner because I needed a sodium boost after the long run.  It was our first McDonald’s in almost 2 years, so a tough streak to break, but we were starving and wanted something quick.  I guess this means we just have to start over the no fast food streak.

Overall, running/biking in Holland was beautiful.  Not only that, but there were wide asphalt sidewalks the entire way.  It was almost like being Up North on some of the shady tree-lined streets.  It makes the 10k coming up on July 12th in Holland all the more tempting.

This weekend, 4th of July weekend, we did a long run on Saturday to Target and back.  Jennie had a couple things to pick up there and I needed something at the auto store on the way, so rather than waste gas, we hoofed it up there.  It isn’t too bad of a run because there pretty much sidewalks the entire way and if you plan it right, you don’t even have to go on 28th street.  It was definitely a lot hotter this weekend and we were in the open sun much more than we were in Holland.  It was about 13.5 miles by the time we got home and we got to kill two birds with one stone (errands and exercise).

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