Jun 28

Reeds Lake Run

IMG_2647 This morning was the Reeds Lake Run.  Jennie ran the 5k at 8:00 and I did the 10k at 8:45.  It is a nice race in the fact that the two races are spaced apart so that if one person can cheer on someone in the first race and then participate in the second race or one runner can do both races back to back.  Last year, I managed to do both races back to back; the 5k running with Jennie and then the 10k solo.  This year, however, I scaled back and did just the 10k so that I could cheer on and photograph Jennie in the 5k.  Jennifer did a great job finishing about the same, if not faster, as last year.  She has a problem running though – she smiles too much.  I think every picture I managed to snap of her, she has a big smile on her face.  So, either she is enjoying it more that she says she is or she isn’t running fast enough!

IMG_2657 After Jennie finished, I handed off the camera and jumped in line for the 10k.  I started off pretty slow and it took me a half mile or so to get into the swing of things.  I was pretty comfortable by mile 2 and ended up running side by side with a guy from Jackson who had already done the 5k and was keeping a pretty good pace in the 10k.  I was hoping to keep up with him until the finish, but he got away from at the 5 mile mark.  I really started to fall apart at that point and my last mile was about a full minute slower than my fastest mile.  I don’t know what it was, my legs just decided to give up on me for some reason.  I was very happy with my finish time of 46:08 though.  I’m not quite sure it was a PR or not because I haven’t been keeping good enough track of my smaller race times.

After the race we headed down to John Collins Park for the post race festivities.  We couldn’t believe how much they had going on.  And all for free!  The had a picnic with hot dogs, burgers, fruit, veggies and more that was all catered in.   They also had free ice cream and frozen desserts and beverages galore.  There is nothing quite like hot dogs at 10:30 in morning after a good run.  It was a beautiful day for a run and to relax in the park.

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